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Nintendo may not make the Wii U this same Friday

Wii U

Nintendo has a star in the market with the new game console Switch, and since outside presented to them days of the Wii U in the market were numbered. But what no one or almost no one expected is that the Japanese company would end so fast with her. And is that many means of communication are running that could stop of manufacture is this same Friday.

At the moment there is no official confirmation from Nintendo, but it would not surprise us for anything that will manufacture and sell very soon, since it’s been dealing with a second position in the company, but if we take a look at the sales figures I have not clear if ever was in first position.

The Wii U bids farewell to 13 million units sold around the world, something that can sound really good, but as soon as compared to sales of other consoles from Nintendo, you realize that there has been a failure. For example the Gamecube got to reach the figure of 21 million units sold, the 32 million units of Nintendo 64 or the 101 million that sold the original Wii.

At present only Nintendo is limited to saying that “they have nothing to announce on this issue”, although we fear that we will have news that will announce the point and end to the manufacture of the Wii U before Friday.

Do you think that you should keep Nintendo market the Wii U despite the arrival of Switch?.

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