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Nintendo Switch controls function in Android and PC easily

One of the great advantages of the new generation consoles is the absence of cables in your controls, that not only opens a lot of doors to the compatibility of devices from third party manufacturers, but that opens the most important of all, the give control of our console application that we want and on the platform that we want. One of the great doubts, given the preferences of Nintendo to “castrate” their systems, was if the Joy-with would be compatible with operating systems developed by other companies. Today I took of doubts, the Joy-with are fully compatible both with Windows and macOS as with Android.

Fast has come to the network confirmation that the Joy-with are compatible with other systems. In fact, the first and most obvious comparisons done on a PC with Windows 10, where the Joy-with are detected via the Bluetooth connection as if a driver was either. In some games it worked without further complication, however, in other games if you have decided to use software Manager to assign certain functions to buttons for so the correct commands to run without creating any type of error.

Easier it is if it fits in macOS, where the operating system recognizes the Nintendo Switch as a remote Bluetooth any controls, reach, connect and run. Exactly the same is happening with Android, simply will have to match the Joy-with our device to enjoy a remote small and manageable with which to spend big. A curious initiative, this mode can play video games on our Android device when Nintendo Switch their very poor battery flat playing in the portable version. Around a point in favor of the big N make the totally supported controls.

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