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Nintendo wants to launch its own controls for smartphones

SmartphonesOne of the ways of knowing in which direction will a company is to read the information posted on their meetings with shareholders. Thus, for example, we have learned that Sony will not be who contribute lenses 7, at least those of the dual camera iPhone. Another thing we can know for a company meeting with its shareholders is that Nintendo is assessing the possibility of launching its own drivers for mobile games.

Said it the general manager of plans and entertainment of Nintendo, Shinya Takahashi, who is aware that there are already many drivers available on the market. Takahashi revealed that his intention is to create their own and develop its software for its own controls, so we imagine that these drivers would include something that is not present in the controls that are now on the market.

We have drivers for mobile games from Nintendo?

Physical controllers for smart device applications are already available on the market and it is possible that we ourselves should also develop something. I think that the way of thinking of Nintendo is to look if the action games are not really impossible (without a physical controller for smart device applications) to create and how we can make that happen to create this game.

The interesting thing about this information is that Nintendo can not pretend to throw normal controls. If you want to draw our attention should launch controllers with some novelty, as it might include an accelerometer or a touch surface. If they do well, the next “Nintendo” could reside on our Smartphone.

On the other hand, the company’s President also said that they will continue betting on games of iOS (and Android?). At the moment all have launched is Miitomo, a kind of social network that increasingly fewer users enter. The next thing to be launched will be Animal Crossing games, Fire Emblem, and two more games yet to materialize. That Yes, if we want to play Mario or Zelda still will have to wait…

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