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No longer can access, normally Gmail from Windows XP or Vista

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Google has just released a statement where it notifies all users that, for one reason or another, have not yet made the leap to Windows 10 that its popular application of email, Gmail, will cease to operate on all computers that will work with any of the known and famous old versions of Windows. As detail, let know you that we are not talking about any desktop application, but that if you are still using Windows XP or Windows Vista on your computer and accessing Gmail through Chrome soon you can not do it.

Basically what you have decided from Google is that Gmail to stop in the Chrome browser in versions previous to the 54. This means, as we said previously, that users with Windows XP or Vista installed on your computer do not can access your email, at least through this browser since officially the highest version of Chrome for these operating systems is the 49. As detail, let know you that this change, announced from today, will be activated for all users at the end of this same year 2017 so you practically need an entire year to update your computer.

If you don’t update your PC so only you have access to the basic version of Gmail.

According to Google, this change should be done to increase the security of Gmail since, as ensures the company’s engineers, older versions of Chrome that are used still cannot guarantee security than if offered further versions released in recent months. Apparently, versions of Chrome that if they provide the security required by the standards of Google are the 54 and 55, especially much emphasize on the use of the latter.

As detail, let know you that we have to pay special attention to that Google does not say that you can not access Gmail if your version of Chrome is less than the 54, but avid that not be able ‘to use normal’. This, as they have revealed, comes to mean that if that you can access your email though not in its full, but in the HTML version which means that they will offer you a very basic interface that does not incorporate any of the innovations that will arrive in Gmail in next updates.

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