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Nokia promises that it will upgrade their smartphones with Android

Nokia 6

The eternal fight or debate on updates of devices with the operating system Android out of the Google Nexus, Pixel and the G bike, could have travelling companion, Nokia. The company is entering its devices to the operating system and the arrival of the Nokia 6 opened the door, now what is missing for signature is to be able to open a gap in the Smartphone market cornered and if you get to this step we are sure that you can fulfill the promise released by Global HDM, to keep their smartphones updated to the latest version available at the same pace than the Google or even the G bike.

Nokia wants to have their space in the year 2017, also forecast and rumors that speak of releasing a new smartphone during the Mobile World Congress this year makes them have the attention of the media, something that will come in very handy for starting. In any case the Finnish has a spectacular track record and we are sure that want to compete face to face with other brands powerful on the market, so be certain or confirm that at least one couple of versions update their Android devices is an important advantage for the user.

We know that it is difficult to keep up with updates on Android and say something like this is that be that are convinced to do so. That Yes, we hope that already meet that failure to comply, they would lose all credibility with users and this when you will be immersed in full expansion do not believe that it is the best. Maybe that in Barcelona we begin to see more clearly on the road who want to Dial Global HDM, responsible for the development of mobile phones.

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