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Nokia will return to the world of the telephone by the door large


We have spent many months talking about the possibility of the return of Nokia the world phone. Most rumors pointed that the company would make it through the small door, releasing terminals with specifications very fair to, little by little, try to make an egg in the lower-middle range phone, but seems that Nokia does not want to enter through the small door, but rather through the front door and overhand, launched to compete with the all-powerful Samsung and Sony high-end terminals which can be a very prejudicial error for the Finnish mark.

And I say it may be an error because the clearest example we have it with the Canadian firm BlackBerry. BlackBerry launched its first terminal with Android with the model Priv, a device of range high to a price that very few were willing to pay while the company has travel much in the world of the telephony and that was a pioneer in his time. Others cases of companies that have treated of compete with the range high, but without being some newly arrived and that it have tried without success are LG with the G5 and Sony with the Z5.

According to the boys of Android Soul, new handsets that Nokia will present at the MWC in Barcelona, which will be held in February of the year coming, take 5.2 and 5.5-inch screens, to meet the current demand of the market. In addition these screens it would have a resolution QuadHD (2 K) and they would be managed by Snapdragon 820, a processor that takes nearly a year on the market, perhaps with the idea of you abaratas costs and offer a terminal with good features at a good price.

With respect to the design, the new Nokia models will have a metallic finish and you have certified IP67. Again, as well as the latest models to the Finnish company launched the market before disappearing, Nokia bet by Carl Zeiss. At the moment are nothing more than rumors, rumors that it will reveal in the presentation of Nokia at MWC.

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