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Not people like the Infinity project of Dropbox


It makes some days we met the Infinity project of Dropbox, an interesting project making the virtual hard disk do not occupy space in our team but we could access it without any problem. As well, the latest news of the project indicate that the user leaves access to the core of the operating system in return for this functionality.

Something that has raised much criticism by many experts and users who see the Infinity project as something dangerous for your safety and privacy information.

Dropbox delegates have reported that the only way to offer the features of the new project is linking the software with the operating system kernel but that on the other hand they will not touch anything kernel that override the operating system. They would have preferred to use another way but they say it is technologically impossible to do so.

The Infinity project is unviable but have access to the kernel of the operating system

I have no doubt the words of Dropbox, but the truth is that give permissions to an application so that it touches your kernel is like give copy of your keys House, your bank accounts and even of your signatures to a stranger and expect to happen not nothing wrong. The truth is that it is quite insecure and that is what many users are by berating the Infinity project. Even so sure that seeks a more advanced alternative to Dropbox or something with what content their users already than the functionality of the Infinity project is very interesting and would be a great relief for mobiles with little power, for PCs with SSDS or even for IoT that cannot have large internal storage capacity.

We will have to wait to test the latest, but by the time the thing painted poorly for the company Dropbox do not you think?

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