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Now available Pokémon Go on iOS and Android

After you are done waiting. After many months, beta and filtered videos that we left with the desire to be launched then has come Pokémon Go to mobile devices.

In this augmented reality Niantic Labs and Nintendo game, users can catch pokemon virtual focusing them with his cell phone camera. They appear in different sectors of the real world depending on their type, for example the grass type pokemon will be in large green areas.

Players can collect a lot of creatures, develop them and also to fight against other players. Good thing for the older fans is that the first 150 pokemon are available in the game. I already got my Squirtle.


Pokémon Go now available for iOS and Android for free. The problem is that if we go to the shops to get it will be shown that it is not available in our region. Luckily, there are the APK so if they can not wait until it runs out in Latin America can be downloaded to Android at this link.

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