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Now you can “buy” the Nintendo Switch by 236 EUR


The price of the Nintendo Switch is a great unknown, or was it until this evening. And is that a British store has begun to offer pre-sales of the Nintendo Switch with only 198 pounds, equivalent to about 236 euros at the current Exchange. This is putting legs up the sector, in what seems a strategy advertising more, but that undoubtedly satisfied to enough users that already have decided make is with she of one or another mode. And it is this company promises to respect this price come what may.

The company is called GameSeek and is a supplier of video game console in the United Kingdom. His publicity team has “priced” Nintendo Switch at 196 pounds and so as it has offered it is standby mode to its customers, but it not only allows them to book it at this price, but it also ensures the same pass happens. In few words, who is have made with the book of the Nintendo Switch in GameSeek by 196 pounds, it will be without pay or an only cent (or penny) more.

Want to clarify that nothing points to this go to be the price official of the Nintendo Switch, however, all pointed until now to was to be superior to the barrier of them 200€. However, if have in has the performance graphic of Nintendo Switch and others of the competition, would be logical that not be outside much more beyond.

In final, it only true is that the console will come in the month of March of the next year 2017 to them stores of them main countries, however, the price continues without be official, although imagine that to GameSeek not you like losing money, by what not us surprise a price very similar to which have offered for them reserves.

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