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Now you can delete messages sent in Telegram


Surely once you have sent a message and you’ve noticed that, or didn’t have to have it sent either directly you have the wrong person or group. A error quite frequent that tend to commit and that, in some occasions should to be solved with so only deleted since, despite having it sent, passes a good time until the receiver it lee, is a person or some user within a group.

This is precisely what you have tried to solve the responsible for the development of Telegram which, in its latest update for iOS and Android, now allow undo shipment of stickers or any other type of content both messages to a person. As detail, let know you that in order to undo or delete a message we have to meet a series of conditions, the first is that you should delete within 48 hours since the message was sent to and the second and more important than the message receiver has not seen it.

Telegram to delete sent messages provided that they have not been read.

Without place to doubt a new functionality more than interesting and claimed by all the users. A step that confirms again that Telegram continues being reference within the applications of messaging. On the other hand, while none of them main alternative implements something similar, safe that in next updates will be copied, especially if the deletion of messages is something very accepted by them users.

As detail, comment you that the developers of Telegram not only have implemented this new functionality, but also announce the arrival of the links This will allow to all the users that wish to start a conversation with another person use / username instead of the resource of / username that is used until the date.

To end, mention the third great novelty of the service, a monitor of use of network through which can display the traffic of network made by the application. This monitor works both if we are using a network WiFi or 4 G LTE. Without place to doubt a new option with which can control of a form much more accurate the flow of data that exists between the devices and the servers.

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