Thursday , February 22 2018
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Now you can encrypt your conversations on Facebook Messenger

The certainty of privacy is an issue important for any user mobile, especially if is is of applications of messaging instant. Facebook Messenger is perhaps the last of the platforms of conversation popular in unite is to this trend, but it have made of way discreet.

In accordance with a report exclusive of Wired, in interview with a spokesman not identified of the network social, is have confirmed that now the whole of them 900 million of users of Facebook already have with the function enabled for power encrypt their conversations in Facebook Messenger.

It is a feature that the company has been testing for several months, available in a partial manner to some users. But now is has become official, of way relative, its availability to any person that count with Facebook Messenger.

The function to encrypt them talks is called in the app as “conversation secret”, and must be enabled in the chat with the contact of interest, to activate the encryption of point point-to-point. Simple, direct and without major complications.

Fits noted, to activate the encryption is necessary use the function of conversation secret, any talk that is has had before is keep low it platform traditional of Facebook Messenger that not has with them same parameters closed of security.

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