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Now you can listen to music while you play Pokemon Go in Android

The latest version of Pokémon Go for Android may not have nothing very striking, except that they solved a problem that lengthened for a long long time and was a nuisance.

If you were playing music, regardless of the application of where appropriate, the game he unrolled it yourself. The problem had the solution of resume it pulling the menu was down and giving you play another time. Not all were mysteriously aware of the latest.

Now, finally, the game does not pause music, but eye, that there is a trick, Yes it will decrease its volume. A problem that users of iOS are claiming makes enough. No matter that disable the music of the game, this itself or itself will reduce in a 30% your gain approximately.

As a recommendation, if you go to “hunt” with headphones, also disables the sound effects from the game. To turn up the volume to listen to your music decreased, the first Pokemon do close yours will produce a shrill sound that will make that you out to the brain by the ear. Care.

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