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NVIDIA Volta will mean a revolution in video resolution


If today are seriously thinking of upgrading your computer with a new graphics card, and especially if your idea is to bet for a top of the range, it is best that you think about it seriously since the decision, at least today, is much more complicated than you can imagine not only speaking of deciding between the models that exist in the market , but we also have to take into account that are coming.

In this scenario we need to be the arrival of the new architecture AMD Vega and above all new counterattack that has just been announced from the competition, talking about NVIDIA Volta, which, as mentioned, would be able to revolutionize the graphic world and architecture that will reach the market just this same year 2017 although, as expected more advanced models will not be available until 2018.

NVIDIA will offer more powerful and efficient thanks to the new architecture Volta graphs.

One of the real keys that will make possible this heralded revolution is the leap that will make NVIDIA Volta to the 12 nm, a new lithographic scale that will offer advantages over used 16 nm using the current family Pascal that, for now, will not disappear from the market.


At this point, should be clear that first the Volta NVIDIA will be available for Supercomputing while Pascal architecture will receive news in the form of the new GeForce GTX 2080 Ti, GTX 2080 and GTX 2070, cards, while they mounted the same GP102 GPUs and GP104 we already know, will surely increase their clock frequencies and offer even more graphics memory for as well increase their benefits. Starting from the arrival of these models will begin to get the new NVIDIA Volta although already to end of 2018.

Once reaching the market will do so with the family NVIDIA GeForce 30, which in turn will use the GPUs Volta GV110, GV102 and GV104, chips that will be protagonists in future NVIDIA GeForce GTX3080, 3060 and 3070, 3050. Without a doubt a huge qualitative leap since these processors will offer more powerful while they will be much more efficient than the current ones. In addition, expected that next to these new GPUs to integrate a new generation of GDDR6 and HBM2 memories that will offer higher bandwidths.

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