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Oculus removes DRM protection associated with the games and return to be compatible with HTC lives

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The saga of games of virtual reality seems that you are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Since the arrival on the market of both platforms, Oculus protected all your games with DRM, a protection which only allows you to use their games on its platform in such a way that the users of HTC lives, could not make use of them.

In the month of April, a developer released a small part to this limitation, extending the catalogue of users of HTC lives is jumping with the Oculus. But the Oculus guys a month later, updated application eliminating the operation of this small patch.

Didn’t anything like the community that movement and put the cry in the sky since they saw as good first games were limited to a single device. By a stranger who seems, the guys at Facebook, which belongs Oculus, have moved tab and they have removed DRM protection, so that live HTC owners can make use of Oculus shop, but this time in an official way without having to use patches or anything like that.

I mention the strange thing, that Facebook has never been characterized by ignore its users, which always forces to pass through the hoop want or do not want to changes which makes on your social network. But virtual reality is another matter. It is a new form of play that you just come to the market and it is clear that it does not want to become the ugly duckling of the film, capando possibilities for your platform. Obviously developers have received this news with open arms, something that had been sued since the launch of the virtual reality of Facebook platform.

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