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Official: came close the next 17 of January


Many are that of a form u another have last large moments thanks to came, for which not know this service, so only comment you that is is of a network social of microvideos property of Twitter, same that just of confirm of form official that came close the next 17 of January, date starting from which any user may follow climbing videos to the platform.

Now well, as already is spoke in his time, the service as such not closes, i.e., in first place came now happen to call is as Vine Camera. This is the first change since, in terms of functionality, will continue offering the possibility to follow up users videos of up to 6.5 seconds duration, as in the far a el igual que hasta ahora, la diferencia the difference is that these videos are just can publish directly to Twitter or save them, if we are the authors, in the memory of our device.

The 17 of January came happen to call is Vine Camera.

Certainly a hard blow to all the users of this platform, as the leaders of Twitter, despite keeping the service, in a way that have decided not to continue investing and spending resources that should be spent on other services due, largely, on the simple fact that have failed to get profitability to a project like this which attracts hundreds of thousands of people a day.

Finally so only comment you that, as well is announces in the connected issued by Twitter, in next days came will offer to all those users the possibility of follow to their creators of content favorite in Twitter. On the other hand, those videos will be available for download until the day 17 of January, date starting from which already not will be possible recover them videos of the famous network social.

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