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Officially launched the game Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2, Trailer filtering of presentation by Gamasutra

Yesterday arrived in the teaser of the game Watch Dogs 2 filtering mode, and today has been presented already officially the novelties of this saga. The truth is that the Ubisoft game not reach “the shelves of stores” up to November 15, but with the trailer we have above these lines we are to the idea of what awaits us.

This time the game is going to develop in the city of San Francisco, in the United States. For now what if we can say is missing well just to get the biggest fair of video games of the year, Yes, we are talking about the 2016 E3 and this safe game that appears for it.

There are some trailers online resembling little or nothing with the reality of the game, but this is normal if we consider what we want right now is to create the “hype” to the more hardcore gamers and fans of this saga. The development of the game is still active despite the fact that this afternoon it became official, does not mean that it does not suffer changes until the day of its release. So you pay close attention to the changes and possible innovations that add up to the month of November which is when it will launch final and official form in stores.

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