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One of every five users use some advertising Blocker on your cell phone

While several companies are thinking in any system that is beneficial to the parties involved, the use of an advertising blocker or advertised it has been increasing by mobile phone users, according to a report from PageFair.

In its report, stipulated that the use of any of this software grew by 90% in 2015, which symbolizes that 420 million people carry it on their devices, a use that has grown in places like China, India and Pakistan.

Strictly, the analysis reported that one of every five users use some advertising blocker, still striking that in places like Europe and North America this is not as standard use.

For example, If in China 159 million people use some software, in United States only 4.3 million take him on their cell phones. A phenomenon that explained, according to the report, these programs are emerging in countries whose markets are very popular, since they help to reduce load times and bandwidth use, thus benefiting consumers in spending on data plans.

Another interesting fact that revealed the report of PageFair was that users feel more comfortable with using any blocker based browsers directly above the installation of an application directly on the cell phone; being the most downloaded UC Browser of Alibaba .

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