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OnePlus 3 can be seen in red on the official website of OnePlus during an intantes


OnePlus 3 is now one of the stars of the market of mobile phones, mainly by its features and specifications, its improved design and especially its price much lower than that of other similar handsets. Already a few days ago that we met in an official way, but today we have known a new version of the same, in a striking red color.

This new version of the OnePlus 3 has been seen on the official website of the Chinese momentarily manufacturer, but it has quickly disappeared leaving only available for purchase graphite and Golden colors.

During the presentation of this new smartphone at no time discussed more colors available, or other versions in which hardware is concerned. Rumors prior to the debut of the 3 OnePlus announcing that different versions of the device, that never came to be. However, it seems that the Chinese manufacturer has changed his idea and the first thing we see are new colors available for the metal housing of the new OnePlus device.

Now we will have to wait to see if it confirms the arrival on the market of a new OnePlus 3 Red and some new features, but for now we will have to settle for having this new smartphone in a more concealed and discreet color. In my opinion, and after the initial success of this new mobile device, I am afraid that we will see as it comes to the market, not just the OnePlus 3 in red, but in many other colors.

Do you think the new OnePlus 3 in red that have been left to see today the same for a few moments in the fanpage of OnePlus?.

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