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OnePlus 3 to version 3.2.0 update stops

OnePlus 3

If you’re one of the users you already have on your hands one of these spectacular OnePlus 3, watch out for upgrading to the version released by the Chinese company via OTA on July 4. On this occasion the first released version is the Oxygen OS 3.2.0 and implemented improvements were focused on the optimization and management of the 6 GB RAM (with their corresponding problem solved consumption), improvements in GPS, an option in the menu of developers about the sRGB display, improvements in the sound, camera, clock and music application…

But the issue is that the version with build OnePlus3Oxygen_16_1607012342 does not seem to work well on all devices and there are several users who after installation are having problems to install. So it seems that the distribution of the same has stopped for the moment until it is not the solution to the problem that seems not to affect all users of this terminal of the Chinese startup.

If you have a 3 OnePlus and not appears the update via OTA on your device already worry that they are working on it to solve the problem so can not you leave and if on the contrary you have it installed then touch enjoy the innovations that brings to the already if great OS having these OnePlus that although it is certain already is Cyanogenmod It gives us an experience close to the one of the Nexus with OxygenOS Android.

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