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OnePlus already designed a smartwatch but is not convinced to release it

During the last years we have witnessed the growth of OnePlus. The company has launched phones seeking to dethrone the flagships thanks to its affordable price. With all of this might sound strange to the company have not bet also to market the smart watches, however is a territory already explored.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal newspaper, Peter Lau – CEO of OnePlus – said that they already designed a smartwatch, however they still do not carry it to production. According to Lau, the decision is that the company wants to keep focused products that you do best: high-end phones.

We had completed the design, but we still decided to discard it. We have to stay focused.

Apparently Lau not to delve into a segment that still does not end by curdling. The company is in a pitched battle with other Chinese manufacturers in which seeks to survive. That is why only want to focus exclusively on phones.

The picture does not look promising, however Lau believes OnePlus will be a company that will resist the fall in demand for smartphones in the coming months.

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