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OnePlus confirms that there will be a 3 OnePlus in red or green


OnePlus Chinese manufacturer and its successful OnePlus 3 are now the major players in the market and in addition news almost on a daily basis. If yesterday it was confirmed to not be launched to the market a smartwatch for focusing solely on mobile devices and return to the fore to confirm that at the moment we will not see to its new flagship in colors other than those announced the day of its official launch.

And is that in the last hours had filtered multiple images in which could see OnePlus 3 boast of new colors, specifically the red and green. The new terminal had announced in the official presentation only in two colours, grey or graphite now same is marketed, and the version in golden color that will soon be available.

These colours very much caught the attention of many users, but unfortunately it seems that we will not see them in OnePlus 3. The Chinese manufacturer has had to come to the fore to deny it will launch the market its new ship logo on more colors than initially anticipated.

The strangest thing of all of this is that the OnePlus in red and green appeared on the official website of the Chinese manufacturer for a few seconds, which means that Yes that existed at some point these colors either or we lie and we will soon see how OnePlus 3 is filled with color. Whatever it is, at the moment playing wait and if we want to acquire this new terminal make it colour graphite, the only available.

Do you think OnePlus should launch more versions of the 3 OnePlus painting them more colourful?.

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