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OnePlus has not released any smartwatch to focus on smartphones

OnePlus 3

Since coming to the market, OnePlus terminals have always been one of the best relationship quality price market, although if sales system has always been room for improvement. Much has been rumored about the possibility that the company was preparing a smartwatch with a relationship similar to the one of your phone for money star, but according to the head of the company, Pete Lau, OnePlus abandoned the project to be able to focus on what you really know do, create smartphones. Pete Lau has awarded to the Wall Street Journal publication that talks about the past, present and future of the company.

As we can read in the publication, the development of the smartwatch’s company was very evolved but they were forced to abandon the project to be able to focus on the smartphone, while the design was so advanced that only needed to begin their manufacture. The Chinese market has become one of the most important in the world in addition to being one of the most competitive markets in the world. The models that the company has released so far, have had very good response from users, but for a while now, the company is seeing how Chinese manufacturers are causing major losses in the company, at least OnePlus is left with the international market.

At the moment we are still awaiting the arrival on the market of the OnePlus 3, model that today itself have published multiple filtered images. Today have been put on sale the first 1,000 units of the 3 OnePlusmodel that really little more is known about the characteristics or specifications, but if you’re still doing things as well as in previous years, the company should not have no problem in selling the units that the company launch to the market quickly.

According to the latest rumors One Plus 3 would have 5.5 inch display with Full HD resolution, processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, 4 or 6 GB of RAM, 8 front and rear of 16 mpx camera. All managed by a 3,100 mAh battery.

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