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OnePlus ruled out the possibility of launching a smartwatch

OnePlus 3

OnePlus is without a doubt and today one of the most important manufacturers in the mobile telephony market, thanks mainly to its last launch, OnePlus 3, with which is has managed to convince and Woo a large number of users. However and despite what might seem seems to not be willing to expand its business and move into other markets.

For some time have been able to read and listen a lot rumors that talked about the possibility that the Chinese manufacturer launched to the market a smartwatch. Now that possibility has been ruled out fully by Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus. That Yes, the rumors were completely false and it is that it has also confirmed that they were working on the development of a smartwatch not long ago.

“The wearables are a too high risk. “In addition and entering Android Wear would have cost us a lot of money”

The idea of OnePlus happens to focus on the mobile telephony market and bet on your device star, OnePlus 3, which is having a great initial success in landing in the market at the moment thanks to its features and specifications, but above all to its price.

Finally do not want to fail to note that Pei also ruled out the possibility of launching a virtual reality device, despite its continuous tonteos in this market, with for example shipping this year’s 30,000 Loop VR glasses.

Do you think that it hits OnePlus in his decision to focus only on the mobile telephony market?.

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