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OnePlus will sell 1,000 units of the 3 OnePlus next Monday


OnePlus is not a manufacturer of mobile devices for nothing common and once again it show announcing that next Monday will go on selling 1,000 units of its new OnePlus 3. What could seem completely normal, it is not for nothing since the new flagship of the Chinese manufacturer even has been presented formally, something that will not occur until June 13.

The only inconvenient is that only go on sale this thousand units of the OnePlus 3 in China and anyone who purchased will not receive it until just a day after its official launch. That Yes, there will be nobody who can enjoy before the new smartphone.

The price that you can purchase these units of the OnePlus 3 2.999 Yuan, around 410 euros, although the Chinese manufacturer has already announced that this will not be your final price. In the event that the price is less, something of which everyone is convinced, Chinese manufacturer will return the money paid over users. In the event that the smarthpone is more expensive will be users who have to pay the amount missing until arriving at the official price.

The oddest thing of all is that anyone who buys a 3 OnePlus next Monday will do so without knowing the features and specifications of the new flagship of OnePlus. The bet does not seem risky since all rumors suggest that it will be a so-called high-end terminal, but no doubt the idea is much less peculiar.

Would you buy you one of the new 3 OnePlus without knowing its specifications for a price of 410 euros?.

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