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OnePlus X is no longer for sale on the official website of the company


We are sure that this week you are preuntando you what about OnePlus which is home of all the specialized media. And it is that to access the online store that has the company for the purchase of its terminals, comes the news that the OnePlus X model is no longer available for purchase.

What may seem rather transient initially by the lack of stock of terminal or any specific examples of excessive sales, it becomes clearer when users who have made the purchase of the device receive an email from the company confirming that the smartphone is no longer available and your purchase will be cancelled with the return of your money in the next few days.

In the mail that is attached to the users and to compensate for the inconvenience caused by this end of stock and availability of its model OnePlus X, it is compensated with a cheque gift of $ 10 to invest in any other devices that are on sale on the official website of the firm.

The news caught everyone a little by surprise and it is true that right at the moment of release of the new 3 OnePlus relegated smartphone has to be model Oneplus X therefore if we accede to the purchase of the device we see that is not available in any version. On the other hand if we are very interested to buy this smartphone can do it from the various sites outside the official website that still have it in stock, but these will gradually also disappear if the own OnePlus no longer has it in their catalog.

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