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OnLeaks, would confirm the filtered image of the new LG G6

We already have in the media several clues as to what is expected to be the new flagship of LG, the LG G6. This device has already leaked this same morning with another clear photo of the design and now OnLeaks responds to it with a new image more ancient that the full device front can be seen and where it is confirmed that the design is quite similar in both cases. Obviously we are not looking at an official confirmation from the company, but it is clear that the similarity between the two models exist and we can say that this would be the new G6 LG will see presented on 26 February within the framework of the Mobile World Congress.

This is the Tweet released by OnLeaks in response to the previous filtration in which you can see the upper part of the device from LG:

[email protected]_saironj Well, this one matches perfectly the #LGG6 I’ve leaked one month ago so I would say… Very likely… 😉 https://t.co/A0drjktPTa pic.twitter.com/RVvwScsSsv

-OnLeaks (@OnLeaks) January 24, 2017

Without the star Samsung Mobile World Congress of this year, the Samsung Galaxy S8, the LG company, Huawei, Sony, HTC, Lenovo, Nokia and other manufacturers are clear that they will be somewhat more players this year, so it is expected to put “all the meat on the grill” and seek the greatest possible prominence in the media. In any case, what remains clear is that they all have the chance to introduce ourselves before that Samsung model and this can give advantage in some respects and disadvantage others.

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