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Open more spaces for the beta of Android Nougat in the Galaxy S7

Makes a month Samsung you gave the possibility to its customers more fast of be part of the phase of test of Android Nougat in their devices Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. They were limited and so far who had not become part of the program had lost any possibility until the release.

But we have good news, Samsung has opened up more spaces in their beta program and if you’re fast enough you can have Android 7 in your S7 Galaxy or Galaxy S7 Edge today itself.

The process is very simple, you are going to the Galaxy Apps application and in the search bar put the word “beta”, if you are lucky it will give you the option of filling a few remaining details and boom! and you can update to the latest version of Android.

At the moment the first who have been able to upload to this second wagon are Britain’s and expected that United States, Korea of the South and China start to appear in the next few hours. In these lands, we have to be aware of each certain time and be as fast as possible because it reminds, they are limited vacancies.

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