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Operators seek to WhatsApp to pay them by using your data network

WhatsApp is the application of Messaging Instant more popular of the planet and has grown to such grade that is made 100 million of calls VoIP daily, through its platform, a made that not must have very happy to them operators, since to latest dates is has observed a curious phenomena in different points of the world, where them companies telephone mobile seem to try to condition the use of this app.

Now, conflicts account that submitted WhatsApp for legislation of Brazil, in addition to the initiative of the Italian regulator Agcom, which is posing, openly and directly, start charging platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger for the use of data networks implemented by operators.

It justification for this movement would reside in the use mandatory of the infrastructure of telecommunications raised by them operators, for to communicate is to through to of are applications mobile, in a dynamic where currently these giant computer not paid an only penny to the maintenance of them operations of the companies that provide it network.

It sounds like a nonsense that listeners would have to pay to the station by hearing its contents, including the advertising-like. But the perspective of the Agcom, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and company really work as an operator traditional (!), which should be subject to the same type of rules, where dealers and users pay for using the network.

The idea of the proposal, diffuse and little clear so far is that software developers contribute to the maintenance and expansion of the infrastructure of the operators, who would have seen an imbalance in their functions after shooting the demand by the use of mobile data.

After the #Brexit any thing can happen.

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