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OS/2 will return, but not by the hand of IBM


When Microsoft released the operating system for PC MS-DOS computers had to confront competition DR-DOS, an operating system very similar to Microsoft’s, but finally withdrew from the battle leaving only to MS-DOS as the operating system for the PC. OS/2 was an operating system designed at first between IBM and Microsoft, but finally the Redmond-based company abandoned the project, leaving only to IBM in its development.

For a while now, do not stop to get new or adapted to the market operating systems. RemixOS is a clear example of what I’m talking about even though it has much greater potential to become popular than OS 2, which will return to the market within a few months. The new version of OS 2, is no longer under the umbrella of IBM and will come to the market with the name arcar you. His scheduled release date is for the last quarter of this year.

OS/2 was designed in mission-critical environments such as hospitals, military and nuclear centers, ATMs… where security was one of its main virtues. Arpar you he intends to go to the same mission-critical environment, but it seems that a long way to go if you want to these centers to adopt this new operating system even if it is has inherited from IBM

At the moment it hit the market in several languages, among which is the Spanish. Arcar you will reach the market in two commercial versions, both will be paid, so it is highly unlikely that initially is it popularized rapidly between users and developers. At the moment, the requirements to run arcar you will be limited, so you should not wait to have support for HDMI or USB 3.0.

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