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Otto autonomous truck runs successfully 200 kilometers

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Otto is one of the many partners that has über for the theme of them vehicles autonomous and this is directly related with the trucks and the transport of goods by road. On this occasion not has been directly über directly which us has given the news, if not This truck Otto with a load of 50,000 cans of beer that have been transported by road in United States.

Of course as in the previous tests of this type of autonomous vehicles, truck not circulated with no one in the cockpit, since this is currently prohibited by law, so at all times a professional truck driver has been in the driver’s seat.

This time it’s a load of beer that has been delivered without any problems, but it could be any other type of load. The “only problem” that have this type of Otto trucks is that they are not able to be autonomous in the cities or roads apart from highways. So initially we cannot speak of an autonomy of 100%, but if it is a good step forward in this type of road transport.

Obviously the margin of improves is high in all the senses (similar to them models of tesla for example) and safe that in a time added more possibilities of autonomy in them trucks. By it soon already us seems something good that these giant of the road are capable of being autonomous in them motorways and well safe that will improve with the step of the time.

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