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Our brain waves change to send messages from your smartphone

Text messaging addiction, for years, is one of the natural and collateral consequences of the use of smart mobile devices today. However, there are few studies of scientific approach that try to explain what is what happens in the mind human to generate this type of behavior.

Now, a group of researchers at the clinic may has published the results of an interesting study, where have discovered that in fact the Act of sending text messages can alter the rhythm of our brainwaves, getting our neurological process into a sort of trance that creates a pattern of readings peculiar, if an electroencephalogram is taken during the Act of writing :

(C) Mayo Clinic(C) mayo Clinic

Boxes highlighted in blue, according to William Tatum, project leader, correspond to the pattern of recurrent logging in 20% of the 129 patients who were studied for 16 months.

The most interesting point is that these records did not show correlation between age and profile of activities. So that these readings are inherent to the activity of writing and not of new generations.

The rhythm of writing has a distinctive reading, and this represents an important step forward.

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