Thursday , February 23 2017

Acer Jade cousin will not update to Windows 10 Anniversary


The first pictures of the Acer with Windows 10 Mobile terminal came to market for more than one year and a half. Since then the company has had several problems with the device. The first found him with the delay of the launch of Windows Mobile 10 for compatible terminals, …

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Facebook already offers support safety USB key

Security in our accounts is a very important matter for details, photos, and other information that is usually dump them. Whether these Dropbox, Facebook or Google, is important to be always attentive to the developments that will allow us to offer extra security layers to resort to them in some …

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Microsoft Office 365 is updated to stopping spear phishing attacks


Microsoft Office 365 has just received an important security update where your developers have attempted to avoid at the end that spear phishing attacks to receive using this platform. For those who do not know how this technique works, commenting that what hackers do is send documents with links …

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