Thursday , March 30 2017

Gmail extends the limit of attachments up to 50 MB


Currently, few are the companies that continue to make use of the fax in your communications, since most of them happened to be done by email to be more direct, because that always gets to the specific recipient rather than to a distribution center such as fax and instant. But …

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256GB in a microSD of quality, that offers Lexar


MicroSD cards have become long a standard storage at all levels. In fact, I can still remember the era in which having a 512 MB microSD already was an important milestone. However, time passes and technology grows strongly, that is what we are for example the hand of Lexar, which …

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Twitter fights SPAM and “accounts egg” in its last update


Twitter is not what it was, has fallen behind wrapped in a tangle of applications and social networks that have managed to replace it to adapt to the new needs of users. No doubt that Instagram is an application that is more growing in recent months, especially after the launch …

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Google closes the door to a new generation of portable Chromebook


While the Google Chromebook today are all exhausted, the truth is that the company would have realized that, at least at this point, the market doesn’t demand this type of computers. This is what has come to be confirmed in their statements none other than Rick Osterloh, Vice President Senior …

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TCL will launch three BlackBerry phones this year


After the return of giants like Nokia smartphones market, TCL company wants to prove that BlackBerry has become really, while not causing nostalgia, betting with teams that retain the essence of the Canadian firm. The return of BlackBerry was not with the model Priv or much less with the DTEK …

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MediaTek says no to ARM devices with Windows 10


Windows RT, one of the greatest failures of Microsoft in addition to Windows Vista operating system, would return revolutionized through working set of Qualcomm and Redmond, who managed to run applications x 86 on a device with ARM processor. As is speculated, Windows RT would return as Windows 10 Cloud, …

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Galaxy Xcover 4 is the all-terrain mobile featuring Samsung


While they are very small niches and that they tend to sell little, best companies tend to have good manufacture such devices to also attend the special needs to those that work with your phone in a somewhat combative territories. That is why we are going to take a good …

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Urbanears presents its new range of headphones


Sometimes we leave a little aside the subject of audio, however, during the Mobile World Congress they wouldn’t be all laptops and smart phones. Today we will give you an overview of the new range of spring and summer the Urbanears brand presented to accompany us this 2017, with good …

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