Thursday , February 23 2017

Square Enix and Marvel work on a video game of the Avengers

A film that was very much of the action movie-loving public, superheroes and even to lovers of comic books is The Avengers. However, unlike many of these films, as it could happen with Batman: Arkaham Night, it was not accompanied by a video game to the height, I say to …

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Wine 2.0 allows you to run programs x 64 Windows in macOS


The eternal complication between macOS and Windows, is maintained since many developers do not want to make their programs platform, that way we find many applications from macOS that are not available in Windows, and obviously the same course but on the opposite side. However, Wine is a macOS application …

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Cabify says this and going to the aid of the South of Chile


The multinational’s transportation, Cabify, launched the initiative “FUERZACHILE” to go to the aid of the victims of the South of the country affected by forest fires. From today and until 23:59 hours on Sunday 29, you can use the FUERZACHILE to go 20% of the total of your career in …

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Do we see a BlackBerry low range in the MWC?


According to recorded by PhoneArena site, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of February we will see a new BlackBerry rather light in specifications. When TCL bought Finnish could not close that the agreement would be global, the brand because another company name PT BB Merah …

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A water resistant phone… and SOAP.


Kyocera announced a phone that goes a step beyond the competition and not only resistant to water and dust, is resistant to SOAP. Very odd that may seem, can have some sense in markets such as Japanese and Korean, where Sony triumphed at the beginning of the Z series, mainly …

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Google Docs gets new formatting for text and images options


In the past, creating and editing documents on a mobile device was so boring and almost impossible, since the available formatting options were limited compared with the of any office computer software. Thanks to the continuous work of Google Docs, users of Android and iOS can now enjoy new of …

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AT & T Mexico manages 12 million customers in just two years


Two years exactly since that surprise day where AT & T announced its imminent entry into the Mexican market with the purchase of Nextel have been met. In retrospect Mexico lives today difficult moments in the economic sphere, but even so the operator would have managed to get more than …

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Nexus 5 X is useless due to failure on upgrade to Android 7.1.1


Those owners of a Nexus 5 X shall refrain from installing the latest update OTA from your operating system, as apparently it could turn its high-end smartphone into a costly and useless paperweight. According to a report of Consumerist, different owners of a Nexus 5 X have begun to experience …

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