Saturday , March 25 2017

No, this is not a Galaxy S8


Asia is a land of mysteries, ancient culture, incredible cuisine and also many imitations. Seriously, many. Perhaps too many. In markets such as Hong Kong (for example between thousands) you can already find a version very real of the S8 Galaxy, obviously at a very very low and quite suspicious. …

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Nintendo wants to play Miitomo with the Switch accessories


Does anyone remember or play Miitomo, the mobile game launched by Nintendo last year starring the Mii? Now that debuted the Nintendo Switch, the big N is seizing the moment to make people to play Miitomo again. The mobile game is now offering a promotion that gives several elements of …

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Nintendo Switch controls function in Android and PC easily


One of the great advantages of the new generation consoles is the absence of cables in your controls, that not only opens a lot of doors to the compatibility of devices from third party manufacturers, but that opens the most important of all, the give control of our console application …

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Sony Xperia XZ Premium hit the market on May 7


Once completed the MWC, little by little is going revealing the release dates of most terminals that were presented at the fair, along with the price of them, a price that is never revealed to following some kind of unwritten tradition. The Sony Xperia XZ Premium was one of those …

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Pokémon Go: Someone caught a Lapras and died of excitement


A 67-year-old man called Liang Weiming died in Singapore after playing Pokémon Go, specifically after catching the far-fetched pokemon Lapras. Apparently the emotion by capturing this pokemon was so great that the virtual meeting led to a heart attack, that was his cause of death. As he reported Asia One, …

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Wikileaks declassified CIA global hacking program


Wikileaks just made a rather serious accusation which accuses the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) to carry out a project of hacking at the global level in which trivial such as mobile phones and TVs products were used hidden microphones. The situation is called Year Zero from Wikileaks and in the …

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