Wednesday , January 24 2018

The average speed of the connections to the Internet in America


The quality and speed of connection to Internet in America have been improving, slowly in some cases and with distance compared Struts countries on the matter. However, there are several interesting examples to analyze, thanks to the Akamai report on the State of the network during the first quarter of …

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Nintendo could develop its own control for mobile devices


Time ago that Nintendo is focusing on mobile; This year they launched Miitomo and Pokémon Go a few hours ago. At the annual meeting of shareholders of the company, the team emphasized that it will continue by inserting into the world of smartphones and gave clues that they could design their …

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OnePlus 3 to version 3.2.0 update stops


If you’re one of the users you already have on your hands one of these spectacular OnePlus 3, watch out for upgrading to the version released by the Chinese company via OTA on July 4. On this occasion the first released version is the Oxygen OS 3.2.0 and implemented improvements …

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Now available Pokémon Go on iOS and Android


After you are done waiting. After many months, beta and filtered videos that we left with the desire to be launched then has come Pokémon Go to mobile devices. In this augmented reality Niantic Labs and Nintendo game, users can catch pokemon virtual focusing them with his cell phone camera. …

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