Thursday , February 23 2017

Pokémon GO over 1,000 million dollars in revenue


One of the successes of the year across all mobile platforms has been Pokémon GO, which has been in a large number of news headlines almost since its launch although in recent months with less intensity. Niantic Developer updates every month the application trying to add new options, characters and …

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Create smartwatch can detect emotions


After the boom and bust that have suffered the devices, wearable, which have focused, basically by themes of massiveness, thequantification of activity data, can now that we begin to find other areas where we can help. Researchers of the laboratory of computer science and Artificial Intelligence at MIT have created …

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Review Matt Huawei 9 Lite [W Labs]


In other countries we met him as the Honor 6 x. Our region reached as a sort of younger brother of Huawei Mate 9 but no, this is a team that is able to defend itself by itself only within its range, with its pro and its against, knows Excel …

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Stolen data from 2.5 million players from different platforms

A hacker group, to find and exploit a security breach, with a lot of efficiency has managed to expose nothing less than 2.5 million players data both Xbox and PlayStation. Before continuing, let know you that have not been these platforms have been the attack, but two important forums used …

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Instagram will allow multiple photographs rise


Facebook boys stepped the throttle a few months ago and all applications and platforms are continually receiving important news, of the 99.9% are copied to the competition. But leaving aside the little originality of Mark Zuckerberg platform engineers, today we talk about Instagram, a platform that soon will begin to …

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No longer can access, normally Gmail from Windows XP or Vista

Google has just released a statement where it notifies all users that, for one reason or another, have not yet made the leap to Windows 10 that its popular application of email, Gmail, will cease to operate on all computers that will work with any of the known and famous …

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