Thursday , February 23 2017

FNE recommends that companies clarify their form of selling equipment


After two years seeing the behavior of the three main operators of the country-clear, Movistar and Entel-the Prosecutor national economic (FNE) of Chile delivered a lapidary report where indicate that for the customer common is very difficult know how much is paying really by a cell if is extruded with …

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Egypt blocks instant messaging applications


Egypt has state turning some applications of Messaging Instant during all the year, trying to of silence the freedom of expression of its citizens, however these services of equal way are the form of continue running. Lived the most recent case the app Signal, which lasted one week faulted these …

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Pokemon Go offers packages with discounts at your store


Pokemon Go began his event Christmas makes some days and besides be giving incubators, is delivering more possibilities of capture to pokemon initial of the first generation and to creatures of the region Johto. Now, Niantic has launched a new promotion for Pokémon Go players as a new year’s Eve …

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More power to them Chromebook of ASUS


Gradually seems that the idea of offer Chromebook to all your customers has fruit set in practically all the manufacturers of computers. An example clearly have it in the ASUS Flip, one of the most attractive and interesting of the market Chromebooks. Unfortunately also is true that, since is oriented …

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Google Maps already allows search toilets public in the India


Little more than one month ago we inform you of the project which had in mind both Google as the Government Indian, project that would allow the citizens of large cities quickly find a public restroom. Although can seem strange, in the India many are the people that not have …

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Windows 10 will allow us to add applications to start menu folders


Windows 10 has been one of them systems operating that more has modified the way in which those users traditional of Windows interactuábamos with it. While it is true that Windows 8 and its useful interface annoyed many users, the idea was not bad. Fortunately with Windows 8.1 returned the …

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