Thursday , February 23 2017

The prepayments increase in more than 100% in Chile


According to the information provided by the financial daily, the lines of prepayment in Chile grew by 111% over the same period of the previous year, which represents 210,000 new numbers. Meanwhile the lines to hire also lived a considerable rise of a 21%. Anyway this brings back the problem …

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SuperTanker: The Game, the game of turn off fire forest


It is not a location for festinar, but in Chile things are taken – in general – with some humor and for this reason is that it is has created a game of fire where the protagonists are known by all characters. In SuperTanker: The Game there are that make …

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Movistar starts to sell equipment without the need for a plan


Some time ago you had how the national economic Prosecutor (FNE) recommended that telecom companies clarify the way they sell their teams. Movistar welcomed the call and opened its virtual store, where you can buy a different quantity of equipment of its catalogue without the need to tie you to …

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Twitter Moments finally reaches Spain

If you are user of Twitter safe that will meet of the function Moments or moments since is available from end of the year last although, officially is now when Twitter just of announce that starting from now is when them users of the platform in Spain can begin to …

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Nintendo has generated $ 53 million dollars with Super Mario Run

On 7 September, Apple surprised friends and strangers to announce through Miyamoto launch exclusive Super Mario Run, the first Mario coming to mobile platforms in an official way, but it was not until December 15, when we were able to download and test the performance of the bet by Nintendo …

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