Saturday , March 25 2017

LG G6 is undergoing decommissioning in video


Since a good while ago Youtuber JerryRigEverything comes to surprise us with its dismemberment of terminals. It was that uncovered the “scandal” that such was not the Gorilla Glass 5 of Note 7, although it turned out to be a mistake, and also explained things as the structural failures of …

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GIPHY now joins the business of the stickers


This 2017 GIPHY boys have remained active in various strategies to popularize, even more, his delirious animated GIFS platform. So no wonder their most recent announcement where reveal their incursion into the competitive business from the sale of stickers for application mobile. It turns out that the company has hired …

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A new BlackBerry is filtered


At the Mobile World Congress we saw as BlackBerry gave his last breath in regards to terminals designed for them. Now have access to a new team of a unknown brand that paid to put the BlackBerry logo to your cell. The team is Mark PT BB Merah Putih and …

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The Galaxy S8 + can be seen at Geekbench


If we did we recently with what appears to be the final appearance of the new device star Samsung, today we learned how it works under the popular implementation of performance measurement parameters: Geekbench. According to collected by GSMArena, this would be the measurement in multi – core device: As …

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