Thursday , February 23 2017

Apple removes tool to check stolen devices


Various reports indicate that Apple removed a useful application within which we could check if a used device is stolen or not. Is is of Activation Lock, a tool that was available in the website of iCloud and us allowed check the number of IMEI of those teams with iOS, …

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Megacable is the second company in offering quad play in Mexico


Less than a week that is confirmed the upcoming release of a Virtual mobile operator (MVNO) by Axtel, to become the first signing of telecommunications in Mexico to offer quadruple play services, emerges a new company that will offer the same range, and is not America Movil. Megacable pay TV …

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Masaya Nakamura, founder of Namco released Pac-Man has died


When we talk about the principles of the games of recreational many titles, will come to the head but no doubt there are some that are hottest to others and one of which no doubt are confident that the majority of users more veterans to youngsters will know, is the …

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Brazilian store filtered Moto G5 specifications


During the last few weeks various reports around the G5 Plus bike had emerged, but little had filtered on the G5 bike. The silence on this model was such that even came to doubt his existence, but now an oversight of a store in Brazil has come to confirm his …

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The new BlackBerry would have the same camera that the Google Pixel


In CES 2017, responsible for bringing life to the Canadian giant ever, showed some details of what his new team, although leaving much information saved to the Mobile World Congress. In general, BlackBerry is characterized, first of all, by its secure operating system and interface of the taste of many, …

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Moto G5 specifications leaked on the net


It is true that long since a few weeks we are seeing details and information which would be the new Lenovo model in the range motorcycle, Moto G5, but on this occasion we can already say that you it’s all the details with specifications that really not liked too media. …

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