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Panasonic introduces the FZ-B3 Toughpad with quite a few new features


Almost two years ago that Panasonic introduced the FZ-B2 Toughpad, so it was high time that the brand began to renew this product that has many more followers and users that we can imagine. It now brings us Toughpad FZ-B3, about aires renewed for its ultra tablet that we want to tell you here today gadget. There are many innovations that Panasonic has presented to us for a type of product, which on the other hand, is not exactly which has raised him up to the senior positions of consumer confidence. You are going to tell what is what saved inside this Toughpad FZ-B3 and if it is worth its acquisition.

We are now starting with an Intel Atom 5-Z8550 x with up to 2 MB of cache, running between 1.44 and 2.4 GHz, a powerful enough processor for tasks that we perform on a tablet of these characteristics. Intel is going more and more fully in this type of technology, desktop devices are beginning to take a secondary role in this whole story, also, of thanks to this processor, energy consumption will be reduced. On the other hand, the port goes to be a USBC, however, will not be compatible with the feature of quick charging, a disappointment.

Rear camera is 8 Megapixel, by the 2 megapixel front camera, allowing us to support fullhd video, or at least so they have promised. The WiFi card is also adapted to the new times and will have 4G connection. How could it be otherwise, runs with Android operating system, Android-compatible 6.0 for Work. Its screen is XDR-TB, with up to 10 points of detection. Finally, the battery promises a performance up to 16 hour, before which we are skeptical. It hit the market for around €650 during the month of June.

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