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PayPal patented physical device payments

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As we learned, on 26 May, Paypal request a new for a payments device patent, a mobile device. The peculiarity of this physical device of payments is that it would be compatible with the criptomonedas as Bitcoin.

Paypal new patent speaks of a device that is based on two main modules: an engine of payment and a database for the module module. So it seems that this device will not only information Paypal but also other types of payments as well as to update constantly for the benefit of the user. Refers that Bitcoins will be present in this new device from Paypal, but the truth is that it will not be the only cryptocurrency that is compatible with the device. They speak of other criptomonedas such as Litecoin and dogecoin that can be used on this device also.

The new Paypal device will be compatible with the Bitcoin

In the physical aspect, the device will have security mechanisms such as Truecrypt or strong database encryption that handle sensitive data such as bank account codes or the criptomonedas information. Yet it must be remembered that this is only a patent, something that Paypal has in mind to build or who could register so that anyone step on him the idea, we will be is not yet clear that we really know this device within a short time.

I personally believe that this device does Paypal, built it more than nothing because the payments company has been very interested lately in the bitcoin and would be something logical. But I doubt very much that really is a unique gadget as it can be a smartphone or a tablet. I think in this case Paypal will create an accessory for mobile phone or other gadget that allows the transactions of money without problem, rather as a reader of cards, a gadget that already exists in many countries, but not of Paypal…

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