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Pebble not to hold the pull of the market and is purchased by Fitbit


A few years ago, when anyone spent you head the possibility to enjoy a watch that warn us at all times the notices that we received, the guys at Pebble became Kickstarter and presented a device allowing to do so at a very economical price. Pebble became a reference in the market of the smartwatches, but it has failed to adapt to the modern era, where current models offer full color screen, and perform the same functions than its predecessors, also virtually at the same price as the Pebble, which in recent years have become more expensive the price of the latest models that have launched on the market.


As an established company in the market, missed a lot of people that Kickstarter further allowing you to create campaigns to seek funding for their new models, such and as we have seen in the latest releases of the company, releases that despite being a success, do not allow the company to continue to operate independently in the market. Fitbit has taken advantage of the weakness of Pebble to purchase it and benefit mainly from your operating system, an operating system that will help greatly improve the interface and connectivity of the Fitbit models.

According to Financial Times, the purchase is virtually confirmed. But not only Fitbit will take advantage of the operating system, but will also benefit from patents registered in the name of Pebble. If Fibit had only interested operating system it would have been much cheaper to create it from scratch to buy Pebble by a figure shall not exceed the 40 million dollars.

According to this publication, the line of watches Pebble will cease of manufacture is. What we know is if the latest models that were presented a few months ago will continue sending customers or if the company will cancel the product and will no longer send them to all those who bet on the new models of Pebble, a few models that were still anchored in the past.

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