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Periscope already allows users to broadcast live in 360 °


There are many applications that will gradually be updated to allow its users to stream video in 360 °, a rather innovative technology now reaching Periscope though, as he has been announced officially, at least at the moment not all this streaming service users will have access to this new feature since it is only available in your test app.

This means something very simple and is that if finally tests being performed to the service out as its own makers expect, within not much they will launch the production version of the application. It will be at this point when, now if all the users of the service have access and possibility to issue and view content recorded at 360 °.

The 360 ° video reaches Periscope.

If you are interested in video and broadcast it by Periscope, comentarte that to do this you will need a camera capable of recording video in 360 ° and, in addition, it is compatible with Youtube and Facebook Live services, precisely two applications pioneers to allow this type of content, so it finally Periscope has been not only update to offer it and not lose users , but you adapt to the minimum characteristics that ask the camera manufacturer for these services to be able to publish videos in 360º.

If not like wait much more time to test this new functionality of Periscope comment you that for this will have that give you of high in the list of expected that can find in this same link.

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