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Periscope already offers the option to moderate the comments of retransmissions


In a service where you toss a streaming or broadcast in real time and have chat, where you can access hundreds of users at the same time, certain measures are needed so keep a proper tone and nobody out of the straight line which means basic education among the people.

Periscope is an app that actually has been gaining many users in time and this has achieved that I’ve had to put the batteries to integrate certain developments that serve for the moderation of that chat that users sometimes are not able to behave like normal people. And is that here are the shots in the new update: moderation of comments from the chat.

This moderation tool has some peculiarities as is that users may vote on messages to consider them spam or that has broken the rules.

Users can access the tool by clicking on a comment that is occurring on a streaming in real time. Something usual in other apps to the style and allow you to report a comment can be marked as spam or any abuse outside the rules. At the time that a user reports that message, cease to see everyone coming from that user does not behave properly.

Here you’ll enter a slightly weird voting system and that among some users selected at random, they will have to vote if it is so skipped some standard or is spam. The result of the vote will be shown to the rest of the voters, and if the majority votes to be spam or abuse, the user will be notified that their ability to be able to chat in the streaming has been disabled.

If the user continues with offenses or spam, the chat will end up being disabled in a constant way. For streamers, you can activate this function of moderation from settings, so it is an optional feature available for who wants to use it.

An important innovation that comes from that was updated the app with automatic saving of the retransimisiones.

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