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Periscope launches new measure to moderate the abusive comments

Periscope has been updated to make way for a new system of moderation of comments, in order to stop abuse on social networks. It is not a filter or an algorithm, ask you users themselves are the comments considered offensive within the application to take corresponding measures.

When someone report an abusive comment or spam, Periscope will select a “jury” at random among all users who are watching a live app. Those who leave as a juror can evaluate these comments in less than five seconds and decide if the issuer will be punished or not.


If the majority of the evaluators vote that a comment is offensive, this will disappear from Periscope and who you can not comment for 60 secondsmade it. If this person carries out other abusive comment, you will lose the privilege of commenting during the entire transmission.

Those who do not want to participate in this process may disable it in settings. Users can opt not to moderate comments from your transmissions and visitors can decide whether they want to contribute to the vote or not.

Even though this application has served to discover talents and build communities also has worked in a negative way. Clearly this measure marks an important point for Periscope and efforts to stop harassment in the network.

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