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Photos of press from Google Pixel show a new interface of home

You need an exact week so Google can make your special event, where will present officially their new smartphone Pixel. To these heights already is known enough details on both terminals, including its appearance general, but still emerging news that called the attention, as its interface graphics.

Is that is just of filter an image of press of the Google Pixel, courtesy of VentureBeat and Evan Blass, in where is possible observe the part front of the terminal, with all and your system operating, in where is can appreciate that the version of Android integrated to this phone will have with nuna new series of icons in their menu of home.

(C) Android Police(C) Android Police

This image of above, mounted by them friends of Android Police, us helps to put in greater perspective them changes proposed for the Google Pixel, where we see the evolution of them buttons of navigation, starting from the classic Honeycomb until this new version of Nougat.

The rumor that comes circulating from makes some weeks is that the Pixel of Google would have with a version special of Android, with features exclusive to these models.

The image here filtered at least suggests that yes there will be changes in regards to its graphical interface.

The other surprises and novelties will be revealed certainly this 4 of October.

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