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Pioneer introduces their recorder Blu Ray 4K for desktop PC

We are in the era of 4 K, anyone denies it. It is true that we find ourselves before an advertising spiral that we can easily topple under the premise that the 4 K content is scarce, and in the majority of cases of dubious quality. But there are nonetheless understood that if you handle the content in these qualities, but they encounter the problem that do not have the ideal recording medium. Pioneer is here for you to get the chestnuts of the fire, and that has presented BluRay Disc recorder with support for content in 4 K and can be added to a desktop PC.

This is the latest generation of recorders BluRay Disc, with this we mean that this new recorder is quieter and as fast as its predecessor. They have decided to call it BDR-S11J-BK and not only remains in the BluRay Disc with two layers, makes the leap to the BluRay Disc – R XL with four layers, by which we can add more content. Not only that, but which will allow us to store in quality 4K, what will delight who have teams of audio and playback that support these exquisite qualities, certainly a luxury.

But not worth on any PC, it has a few minimum requirements, as for example the El Lake of Intel processors last spin, either i5 or i7, accompanied by at least 6 GB of RAM to make the cut with its speed of writing and the amount of data handling. Of course, you must have a graphics card that supports 4 K content if you do not want to finish making burgers on top of your CPU case. The price is not so surprising as its capabilities, “just” 300 euros which will delight those who really want a device with these characteristics.

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