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Pixel would be more difficult from repair that the iPhone 7, according to iFixit

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The inevitable moment arrives from that iFixit disassemble new smartphone from Google, Pixel, to discover how cheap and feasible would be repaired in the event of any failure or breakdown.

The good news is that both the Pixel as the Pixel XL not are so complicated of fix as the Galaxy S7, the “bad” is that actually the iPhone 7, in any of its variants, would be be more accessible that the smartphone of Google to change its components.

With a score of 6 out of 10 (7 on the iPhone 7 Plus 10 below), Pixel Google proved to have some elements in favour, such as battery and modules of the cameras, that thanks to its modular nature in reality would be fairly simple to replace, without further complication that the opening of the terminal.

The most sensitive factor Pixel, however, would be its screen and frame that protects it, since, as it ensures the analysis, it would be quite slim and delicate, so that the smartphone would be susceptible to bend and change the display would be problematic, despite being a relatively vulnerable component.

Pixel would be somewhat far from terminals exemplary as the LG G5, whose evaluation of repair was quite favorable.

But this assessment iFixit does not necessarily represent a damning factor.

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