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Pixel would keep some functions exclusive in Android 7.1

During the presentation of Pixel, the smartphone developed by Google, one of them points more defended and promoted was the use of the software, with a device made to the measure to integrate is with it last in applications developed by Google.

He announced formal was that Pixel would have Android 7.1 Nougat (in beta) direct from factory, so the assumption general was that all them others brands would receive the same functions when is update. But all points that Google has other plans.

All of this is a sort of guess that many of the spectators of the event are coming. In sense strict the team responsible of announce Pixel was very careful and diplomatic to the talk on the functions of the terminal, but there is strong evidence of that Pixel will keep functions exclusive.


For start, will have Android 7.1 exclusive, while all the other models will be a step back. During the first tests with the Pixel, a time finished the event of yesterday, was possible note that this would be the only smartphone with the possibility of use Google Assistant out of Allo, what represents another differentiating.

Everything points to the Launcher integrated to the Pixel is maintained as exclusive of this model. Of equal way is the affair with DayDream, where Pixel is until now the only smartphone endorsed for support fully this platform, without any ad on another manufacturer during its revelation.

The way in which Android ignored to their partners of yesteryear, and the line Nexus, is a signal tangible, visible and worrying of the distance that seek plant subtly with its new Pixel.

Android will not to the community like this.

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